On April 8, 2020, Freddie Mac published Bulletin 2020-10 to provide temporary guidance in response to feedback from servicers regarding previous Bulletins 2020-4 and 2020-7 (these provided temporary servicer guidance in response to the National Emergency Declaration resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak). With the purpose of providing clarity to servicers, Bulletin 2020-10 contains updated requirements for following topics:

Bulletin 2020-10 also clarifies that Freddie Mac’s mortgage servicing requirements for borrowers impacted by COVID-19-related hardships (as described in Bulletin 2020-4) are separate and distinct from the mortgage servicing requirements for borrowers impacted by an eligible disaster.

All changes announced in Bulletin 2020-10 are effective immediately unless otherwise noted.

Servicers may also review the following resources for additional information:

  • Freddie Mac’s Single-Family web page on COVID-19 resources, which will include Servicing FAQs in the future.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Joint Guidance and FAQs for servicers during the COVID-19 crisis (issued by federal and state regulators).

Bulletin 2020-10
Bulletin 2020-4
Bulletin 2020-7
COVID-19 Resources Web Page
CFPB Joint Guidance and FAQs