Trailblazers in technology.

For more than 27 years, Compliance Systems has been a top innovator in compliance software technology. Our deep understanding of the space and our vision for the future means we’re always ahead of the curve in developing the next level of financial transaction technology.


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Compliance Systems Exists as a Part of Great Lakes Business Forms

Compliance Systems first began as part of Great Lakes Business Forms.



Compliance Systems Founded

Compliance Systems (formerly called CSi) was officially founded as a separate business entity.



Document Selection and Compliance Logic Systems (CLS)

Designed as an intelligent data collection that provided compliance validation every step of the way, CLS allowed financial institutions to create and maintain their own product and policy disclosures, like Truth in Savings and Home Equity Early disclosures. Institutions could now take complete control over new products and eliminate timing issues that so often presented hurdles to last-minute changes in product definitions or institution policy.

Selection Logic (DSL) was introduced In parallel with the development and launch of CLS. DSL uses data to determine the documents required to perfect financial transactions and relates entities and collateral with the relevant documents, helping institutions mitigate risk at the root level of the transaction. Previously, lenders had to manually maintain document package lists by investors and products.



Dynamic Documents

We pushed the development of the first truly dynamic documents long before other providers saw a problem that required solving.

In 2002, documents were static images that typically required solution providers to place data on them using a rectangular coordinate system—better known as x,y coordinates. CSi was the first to provide a merge technology, eliminating the need for the partner to maintain the x,y mapping.



IntelleDoc Solutions Compliance Engine

The Compliance Engine is part of our core technology, and it’s at the heart of everything we do. It parses and analyzes data based on business rules and the output option requested by the partner system.



Configurable Document Systems

We piloted the development of Configurability.

Documents created with our technology are, by definition, dynamic and custom-generated for each transaction, so Configurability is a natural extension of our dynamic document technology. Configurability allows financial institutions to modify, append, or replace text provisions within documents so that they can adapt to market, business, policy, and regulatory developments while maintaining warranted compliance with Compliance Systems.



CSi Data Schema

The CSi Data Schema is another example of development specifically intended to support our partner integration efforts.

Years ago, we recognized the need to support the MISMO data schema in order to enter the mortgage market. We took that idea even further, though, by envisioning a complete data schema to support not only mortgage, but also deposit, consumer lending, and commercial lending as the best strategy to bring partner products using CSi technology to market more quickly.

The CSi Data Schema creates a single data set, based on a single standard, to define all transactions across multiple channels of customer contact. It reduces the number of data elements that require application development by partners, and it reduces the length of time required for partner development.



Transaction Risk Management

Our Transaction Risk Management Solution, powered by our Simplicity technology and a suite of powerful technology components, equips your financial institution to mitigate the inherent business threats to which you are exposed with each transaction you conduct and better target your resources on activities that add to your bottom line. Content configuration and powerful data analytics help you reduce compliance and operational risk so you can spend more time cultivating customer relationships.



CSi Simplicity

CSi Simplicity™ expanded our configurable functionality and allows financial institutions to designate custom language, default data, logos, bar codes, etc., to be applied to standard documents automatically. These were always a pain point for financial institutions in terms of both time and cost to manage such customizations.



Data Collection Logic

Data Collection Logic leverages the compliance rules and business intelligence built into our dynamic documents to help build data collection screens for user interfaces. Data Collection Logic not only ensures a premium user experience for the collection of regulatory information, it streamlines the development process for faster time to market with application changes.



Simplicity Runtime

Simplicity Runtime is one of our latest technology components. It’s a data management and compliance software that runs with our partner’s banking platforms. That data collection is based on existing business and regulatory rules already integrated into Compliance Systems technology.

Our partners have traditionally struggled with the problem of data analysis in the development of their own systems, as their own data collection and application user interfaces also depend on an ongoing knowledge and analysis of regulatory compliance and business rules. Simplicity Runtime allows Compliance Systems and an integrating partner to unite each organization’s areas of expertise and devote its resources to its own respective strengths.

Simplicity Runtime can decrease the time and costs required for a business partner to get a quality platform solution on the market and to maintain that solution in the face of ongoing regulatory changes.



Acquired by CUNA Mutual Group

On November 28, 2018, CUNA Mutual Group announced that it was expanding its lending technology capabilities with the acquisition of Compliance Systems. We are proud to be part of the CUNA Mutual Group family of companies and working to serve the needs of credit unions as well as banks, mortgage lenders, and other institutions.

For more information, navigate to the press release which is located in our News and Announcements page under the Resources tab.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

Compliance Systems continues to stay informed about developments surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). We have a team dedicated to daily monitoring and assessment of the situation to determine our best strategies as an organization and how we can serve you during this unpredictable period. We are providing an expedited SBA PPP solution that pairs with participating Loan Origination Solution (LOS) providers to help financial institutions provide SBA PPP loans to their customers or members through June 30, 2020 (current program end date).

For more information, navigate to our COVID-19 Response and Resources page under the Resources tab.



Real World Results

Compliance Systems maintains a laser-focus on client needs in order to continuously create new doc prep technology designed to help them do their jobs better and smarter.

We’re always looking ahead and taking the long view, and as a result, we’re proud of the many ways we’ve seen our vision come to real-world fruition.


We’re proud to partner with industry leaders in providing complete and robust compliance software technology solutions for today’s financial industry.