The California Attorney General’s office has released a statement that they will not be delaying the California Consumer Privacy Act’s (“CCPA”) July 1st enforcement date. A coalition that includes a wide variety of 60 industries have asked for this deadline to be delayed due to the further complications on the part of businesses to get up to speed with the CCPA’s obligations during this time. The coalition requested to defer the enforcement date to January 2, 2021 stating that now is not the right time to threaten businesses with premature CCPA enforcement lawsuits and a deferred enforcement date would relieve the pressures already being placed on businesses due to COVID-19. The Attorney General’s office encouraged that businesses should be particularly aware of their data security during this time of emergency.

Previously, the Attorney General’s office released its second set of amendments, which allowed a comment period through March 27th. The Attorney General’s office has not released its final regulations.