The New York Senate and Assembly have introduced identical versions of the “New York Privacy Act.” The New York Privacy Act requires companies that do business in New York, or produces products or services that target New York residents, to provide New York resident consumers of the following rights:

  • The right to know whether or not the consumer’s personal data is being processed, and if it is being processed, where the personal data is being processed; if the consumer’s personal data is being sold to other businesses, and if so, the names of those businesses to whom the personal data was sold or licensed; and provide the consumer access to their personal data.
  • The right to receive a copy of the consumer’s personal data that is being processed.
  • The right for inaccurate personal data to be corrected or completed.
  • The right to delete the consumer’s personal data, subject to certain conditions.
  • The right to cease, or otherwise restrict, the processing of the consumer’s personal data.
  • The right to have be informed of any corrected, deleted, or restricted processing that was communicated to third parties to whom the personal data has been disclosed or sold.
  • The right for the consumer to be provided their personal data.
  • The right to not be subject to a decision based on profiling that produces legal effects concerning the consumer.

This information may be provided upon a consumer’s request within 30 days of its receipt. Both the Senate Bill (S5642) and the Assembly Bill (A8526) are in committee. If these bills are passed and signed by the governor, they will become effective 180 days after becoming law.