The IRS has posted the 2022 version of Publication 590-A. Publication 590-A covers contributions to Traditional IRAs as well as Roth IRAs.

The cost-of-living increases for the income limits used to determine Traditional IRA contribution deductibility and Roth IRA contribution eligibility are included in both the ”What’s New for 2021” and ”What’s New for 2022” sections. There are also several reminders regarding changes made to IRA rules in recent years including, but limited to, explanations of changes to what is considered compensation for IRA contribution purposes as it pertains to difficulty of care payments and alimony payments, an explanation of the change for what is considered compensation for purposes of IRA contribution as it pertains to certain taxable non-tuition fellowship and stipends, the repeal of the maximum age (i.e., age 70½) for making Traditional IRA contributions and the new required starting age for RMDs.