The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has revised its Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification by making the following text changes:

  • Page 1:  The words “Print or type. See Specific Instructions on page 3.” have been added in a vertical format in the white space to the left of numbers 1-7.
  • Page 1:  The website for additional Form W-9 information has been changed from “” to “” in the second paragraph of the General Instructions section.
  • Page 2:  The backup withholding percentage has been changed from “28” to 24” in the second sentence of the first paragraph in the Backup Withholding section.
  • Page 5:  The second occurrence of the words “The grantor-trustee1” has been changed to “The actual owner1” in the right hand column of the What Name and Number To Give the Requestor section.
  • All Pages:  The revision date has been changed from “November 2017” and “11/2017” to “October 2018” and “10/2018,” respectively, throughout the form.

The updated version of Form W-9 with a revision date of October 2018 is available for immediate use on the IRS website.

Link to updated Form W-9